Herbert Hochberg

Hist-Analytic is pleased to make available for the first time on the Internet a major paper by Herbert Hochberg: "Propositions, Truth, and Belief: The Wittgenstein-Russell Dispute" which first appeared in Theoria, LXIII, 1,   2000.  pp.   3-40. Professor Hochberg has for a number of years addressed problems of ontology and philosophy of logic. While many philosophers have taken the "linguistic turn" - a phrase coined by his former teacher, Gustav Bergmann - Hochberg pursues the examination of metaphysics rather than language, all the while keeping at the center of attention metaphysical issues that have persisted since their origins in classical philosophy. There are no easy answers to our philosophical conundrums as Hochberg demonstrates while relentlessly and with great precision he examines such matters as the role of logic in the reconstruction of metaphysics, the nature of universals and particulars, Moore's contribution to analytical philosophy, and numerous other matters concerned with the nature of the world and our awareness of it. His most recent major contribution to the field is a work devoted largely to Gustav Bergmann, a work which no ontologist seriously interested in answers that go beyond the philosophical fashions of the day can afford to ignore. This work, The Positivist and the Ontologist: Bergmann, Carnap and Logical Realism can be purchased directly from the publisher Rodopi Press.  2001.


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