The following is a bibliography of the work of Miss E. E. Constance Jones. Although I have not checked them all, these entries appear to come from Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society.

"The Import of the Categorial Propositions" (Dec. 4th. 1893)

"The Relation of Language to Thought" (March 19, 1894.

"The Rationality of Hedonism" (Dec 3, 1894)

"Some Aspects of Attention" (April 13, 1896)

"Are Character and Circumstance Co-ordinate Factors in Human Life, or is either Subordinate to the Other" (April 27, 1896)

"The Paradox of Inference" (Jan. 17, 1898)

"Lotze's Theory of Concept and Judgment" (Feb 27, 1899)

"A Refutation of Dualism" (Feb 19, 1900)

"The Meaning of Sameness" (March 25 1901)

"Professor Sidgwick's Ethics" (Jan. 4, 1907

"A New Law of Thought" (May 29th 1911)

"A New Logic" (Dec. 16, 1912)

"The Import of Propositions" (July 5th, 1915)

"Practical Dualism" (May 6th, 1918)

------- Obituary of E. E. Constance Jones: PAS vol. XXII. 1921-22

Any additions or corrections are encouraged.